Great Alaska Double Century

Course Information


The 200-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge (Glenn Highway Milepost 113.5), heads east to Glennallen (Milepost 187), then turns south (right) onto the Richardson Highway, and stays on the Richardson all the way to the finish line in Valdez. The course passes six aid stations before reaching Valdez; all but one are located on the right side of the highway as riders approach.

Rate at Mountain Ski Hotel is $139 for 2013.

This is the 400 profile from Sheep Mt. Lodge to Valdez and back.
For the 200, you only go in one direction to Valdez on this profile.

Course Records

Event Name Time Year
200 F RR Janice Tower 9:25:20 2004
200 F TT Janice Tower 10:01:07 2007
200 M TT Jeff Oatley 8:32:55 2008
200 M RR Tom McMillan 9:01:02 2004
200 M Recumbent Dirk Greeley 12:24:30 2004
200 F Tandem Maria Perry Team Chickalunatics 14:28:56 2007
200 Mixed Tandem Carol Gianni and Peter Gianni 13:46:03 2005
200 Mixed Tandem Andy Pohl and Judy Abrahams 10:53:00 2005
200 2-Bike Tandem Tandem Brian Ericson, Mackenzie Kanady, Rick Rogers, Emily Rogers 10:14:18.3 2006
200/2 Person F Kinsey Loan, Sheryl Loan 9:22:13 2008
200/2 Person M Grey Hillyer and Dennis Ronsse 8:36:42 2006
200/2 Person Mixed Jessica Yeaton and Adam Miller 8:36:49.8 2009
200/4 Person F Katrina Stewart, Jessica Yeaton, Dana Tower 9:20:44 2008
200/4 Person M Tim Alderson, Karl Boesenberg, Greg Hilyer, John Roberts 8:44:06 2008
200/4 Person F Dana Tower, Jessie Yeaton, Katrina Stewart, Kinsey Loan 9:19:19 2007
200/4 Person Mixed Team Fireballs Cyndie Fox, Patrick Moore, Jens Beck, Rick Fox 8:48:55.5 2009