Great Alaska 2DAY300K


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The 300 Km (190+-mile) course starts Friday at Sheep Mountain Lodge (Glenn Highway Milepost 113.5), heads east to Glennallen (Milepost 187 Glenn Highway, and MP 115 Richardson), then turns south (right) onto the Richardson Highway and continues to Tonsina River Lodge (Milepost 79 Richardson), about 120 miles total on Friday. A group start is scheduled for 9 AM but riders may start at their convenience between 9 AM and noon. This is an untimed event without awards or classes. Participants may ride all or part of the course (e.g., alternating riders). This is a self-supported tour and riders must either carry their own food and camping gear or make alternative arrangements. On Friday evening at the Tonsina River Lodge you may eat the food you brought with you but the Fireweed will host a buffet for registered riders at the Lodge. Support staff of the riders must pay for their own meals. Tent camping spots and showers for $7 will be available at Tonsina River Lodge. There is a service charge of $15 for RVs ($30 with hookups).  As a nonprofit event, there will be no refunds for unused amenities.

A list of hotels, B&Bs, and alternative camping locations in the vicinity of Tonsina River Lodge is available below. The Fireweed makes no warranty on the suitability and availability of accommodations. Saturday morning, there will be a buffet breakfast available for purchase at Tonsina River Lodge.  On Saturday, you will bike about 74 miles from Tonsina River Lodge to Valdez. The course passes Aid Stations 6 and 7 before reaching Valdez. These Aid Stations will not be open at the time most riders pass, so plan accordingly. If planning to use the commercial establishments at Tiekel River Lodge at MP 56 or Tsaina Lodge at MP 35, confirm beforehand that they will be open.

  • Fireweed 2017 Race Rules HERE     2017 Waiver HERE

    MANDATORY Number Pickup and UMCA Release of Liability Signing for Anchorage residents at the BP Energy Center 900 E Benson Blvd on Thursday, July 6, 2017, Noon to 2 PM and 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM. Riders living outside Anchorage may pick their BIBs up and sign their waiver(s) at Sheep Mountain Lodge greenhouse on Friday, July 7, 2017, from 10-11 AM.  Questions regarding Number Pickup, contact Veronica Beagan at Contact us before July 5 if you cannot make this mandatory registration.registration.

2DAY300K Friday Night Lodgings

If you want to do more than tent camp for free at Tonsina River Lodge, make reservations early at the following:

Sawing Logzz Bed and Breakfast, MP 105 Richardson, 907 259-3242, cell phone at 907 259-3242,

Copper River Princess Wilderness Lodge, MP 101.6 Richardson), 907 822-4000 or 907 822-6000, - 20140414)

Copper Center Lodge (MP 101 Richardson) may be up and running by July 1.  907 822-3245

Willow Lake Bed and Breakfast, MP 88.5 Richardson, 907 822-3961,

Willow Mountain Lodge Bed and Breakfast, MP 87 Richardson, 907 822-3961,  This B&B is booked for the 12th of July, but the reservations could be cancelled.

Pippen Lake Bed and Breakfast, MP 82.2, 907 320-0435, – 20140414)

Wellwood Bed and Breakfast, MP 82.4 Richardson, then 5.75 Edgerton, 907 822-3418,

Kenny Lake RV Park and Campsites, MP 82.4 Richardson, then 7.2 Edgerton, 907 822-3313,

Squirrel Creek State Recreation Site, MP 79.5 Richardson,  

TONSINA RIVER LODGE, MP 79 Richardson, 907 822-3000,

Tiekel River Lodge, MP 56 Richardson, 907 822-3259,  

Tsaina Lodge, MP 35 Richardson, 907 838-3535 or 1(855) 851-4814,


The historic Copper Center Lodge may be up and running by July 12.  907 822-3245