• Great Alaska Half Century

    The 50-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge and heads east toward Glennallen.

  • Great Alaska Century

    The 100-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge and heads east toward Glennallen.

  • Great Alaska Double Century

    The 200-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge and finishes in Valdez.

  • Fireweed 400

    The 400-mile course starts at Sheep Mountain Lodge and goes to Valdez where it turns around and heads back to Sheep Mountain.

  • Great Alaska 2DAY300K

    The 300 Km (200-mile) course starts Sheep Mountain Lodge, heads east to Glennallen, then turns south and continues to Tonsina Lodge.

Race Committee


2014 Fireweed Results in PDF format.

2016 Race Committee

Jim Mendenhall Board President and Race Director

Bob and Karen Voris, Board Member and SML Start/Finish Line
Ralph Comellas Board Vice-President and SML Start/Finish Line
Bob Lohr Board Member and Insurance
Melinda Greig Walker Board Member and T-Shirt/Poster design/printing/distribution
Veronica Beagan Race Timing and Registration
Jim Magowan Board Secretary and Aid Station Captain
Patrick McGownd Head Race Official with his crew of Stacy Scott, Ross Williams, Andrews Kastning, Joe Pollock, and Jahna Pollock
Ellen Lekisch Treasurer and SML Start/Finish Line
Annette Cartier Registration and Volunteers
Jim Mendenhall Vehicle Inspection and Race Official
Meg and Bob Stehn Valdez Timing, Registration, SML Start
Charles Utermohle 2DAY300K Tour Event Coordinator
Don Lederhos Race Communications
Doug Desorcie Valdez Coordinator
George Stransky Online Registration web site maintenance, sponsor liason, photography
Janice Tower Aid Stations, Cycling Consultant
Jeff Dusenbury Race Aid Support, Food Supply and Transport
Jill Follett Aid Station Coordinator with assitance from Leslie Kroloff
Jim Jager Public Relations and Marketing
Roy Sursa Emergency Medical Services
Christina Passard Counselor
Dave Amick, Race Official
Ed Sniffen, Arctic Bicycle Club Coordinator, Race Permits
Bob Smith, Valdez
Sue Smith, Valdez
Mike Morganson REI Coordinator
Pete Jiacalone Boy Scout Coordinator
Walter Liedke Race Official and Medic

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